All companies deserve loyal customers.

We believe that just because you’re not Nike, Patagonia or Starbucks (yet) doesn’t mean you can afford to have sub-par brand + marketing strategy. No matter your size, everyone can have loyal customers with the right strategy. We help you do that, all for a fraction (like a tiny fraction) of the cost of hiring a Marketing Director or Ad Agency on retainer.



Brand + Marketing Strategy Accelerator - 8 weeks

Ready to do more with your marketing strategy, but not ready to commit to a full time employee salary or long term retainer?

We specialize in marketing + brand accelerator programs designed for business owners who know they need to have a better handle on their brand’s strategy and marketing, but are not yet ready to pull the trigger on the larger longterm costs.

Our 8 week program leaves you more confident in your brand’s narrative moving forward, and clear on where it’s best to spend money on marketing to your audience, regardless of your budget.

4 weeks Uncovering Brand (Pull) + 4 weeks Designing your Marketing Strategy (Push)

Our 8 - Week Accelerator Program Includes:

  • Brand + Marketing Audit

  • Final Brand + Marketing Strategy Playbook Deliverable

  • Half Day Strategy session kick off

  • Target Audience Persona Development

  • Customized Brand Development exercises

  • Final Team Training Half Day Workshop



Brand Strategy Crash Course / Strategy Re-boot

1 day workshop

Need to move fast? Not sure if you’re ready for the full 8 weeks? Think you should be thinking about marketing your business but not sure where to start or what to spend where? Want to re-boot and re-energize your team with fresh ideas for your business? If the answer was yes to any (or all!) of the above. This is the workshop for you.

  • Brand Narrative Development Exercises

  • Target Audience Persona Development

  • Marketing Strategy Evaluation + Maximization Strategy

  • Recommended marketing investments customized to your audience

Brand Strategy Power Hour

Not sure where you are or where you want to start? Book for a power hour phone call and we’ll customize a strategy or point you towards the best investment for your time / money.

Don’t see exactly what you were looking for? We’re happy to customize a package or offering to fit your needs. Reach out to Genevieve here to start customizing.