The non-headshot portrait session with Nick Davis Photography

The non-headshot portrait session with Nick Davis Photography


Brand Content Producer

Maximizing your visual investment || On-Site, Pre-Production & Post-Production

Cohesively bringing your brand to life in front of the camera.

We live in an image saturated world, and its worth your time and investment to make sure every image maximizes its potential to reflect your brand strategy and values. Working in tandem with an art director or production manager, the brand producer helps make sure you get the most out of your images, and most importantly has prepared for the shoot with your overall brand aesthetic goals and strategy in mind to ensure they maximize their marketing purposes.

Adding Genevieve to a shoot allows you to plan ahead to maximize brand alignment by having someone on-site who understands:

  • Goals of images resulting from the shoot

  • Overall brand design and strategy

  • What’s needed to maximize brand goals within each frame

  • Unique, on-the-fly ideas to push creativity closer to brand alignment

Think about how a commercial gets made — You have an ad agency coming up with the original concept, copywriters, and then pre-production planning and post-production editing.

Images aren’t wildly different. You can’t expect your photographer to show up and be able to play copywriter, brand manager, art director, director and cinematographer at the same time. 

Having a “producer” on site who has creatively though through how to maximize a brand with the tools on hand helps you get the most out of all the potential images, and the goals you have for their use. 

See more of Genevieve’s background as a producer of marketing for non-profits, independent filmmakers and studios in film industry here.

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