On teachers, brands and lasting impact

How many teachers do you remember by name?

Think about high school. College. Seriously. How many do you actually remember?

And how many of them do you remember because they were great

Sitting here, I really can only remember the names of a handful of professors that I took classes with. I spent semesters—months—in their classrooms daily and hearing what they had to teach me.

But only a handful did more than speak at me. Only a handful invited me into their process of knowledge. Only a handful took the time to take the knowledge and facts and concepts from little bits and pieces and weave them deeper so they were engrained in me.

Lasting impact doesn’t come from simply knowing the right answer or getting A’s. 

Lasting impact comes from the stuff that leapt off the page and went somewhere inside us. Used more than one of our senses. Begged something more of us than regurgitation. 

Lasting impact weaves its way into us, changes us, doesn’t let us go.

And the best teachers do the same. They invite you into the  learning process. Bring you alongside them. Don’t just stand in front of you and speak facts at you.

And the best brands? The best brands don’t talk at us, hoping for perfect regurgitation of their web address into our computer when we get home.

No, the best brands weave something together that sears more than a web address into us. 

The best brands are thinking about a bigger idea than selling you something, so that stops being the main point of their marketing. They believe in something much bigger, and invite you to be a part of it.