Blurring Lines, Part I

Reading up on a friend’s company in the advertising industry, I came across a great phrase:

Blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment.” 

It’s so true that the way we engage content is changing, and never more so than in advertising content. We are quick to fast-forward through every commercial break, but we pick up our phones no fewer than 50 times a day, often to open Instagram or Facebook or our email where we have given express permission to be marketed to.

Think about that. It’s likely that you probably don’t even watch a show live anymore so that you can do what… fast forward through the commercials.

But then, we go and waste hours of our life—every day—opening up apps where more than half of the accounts we follow, or content we engage, are brands who we have given express permission to market  to us.  Leaving the line of “need vs. want” blurred even further still. 

We are so intertwined with marketing itself that it would be nearly impossible for us to do any average thing anymore — read the news, check our email, check what our friends are up to on social media — without being bombarded with tiny little grabs at our money and attention. 

Sure, we have technology that gratifies us by fast-forwarding through all those annoying commercials, but where else are we giving advertisers our time?