Portrait by Nick Davis Photography. Read more about how we thought beyond the typical headshot here.

About Genevieve Embler

Genevieve spent the first decade of her career helping film studios and filmmakers architect engagement strategies that saw their films leave deeper impacts on audiences. What she has come to realize is that films are just mini-brands in motion. 

There are always stories to be told, and the best stories invite people in.

Good films told their audience a story.

The best films, the ones the with the most lasting impact, took their audience deep inside the story. 

They wanted to leave them changed. 

Brands are the same. And the best brands do the same. 

They don’t just tell us their story, the invite us into it. They think about how their product or service or cause can change something in our lives.  It becomes a part of us. It grips us, and even if just for a moment, we lose ourself to that time and place. It evokes something in us. 

Whether it was reconciliation in Rwanda (Student Academy Award Winner As We Forgive), the powerful female narratives of Penny Chenery (Disney’s Secretariat), Rapunzel and Snow White (Disney’s Tangled, Mirror Mirror)  or Lilias Trotter (Many Beautiful Things)— Genevieve worked with screenwriters and documentarians as they unearthed stories that simply had to be told. And since it needed to be in powerful and innovative ways --Genevieve got to work to connect them with the audiences who would be left changed by them. 

Now, Genevieve has worked with businesses, non-profits, and individuals across a myriad of industries to unearth and tell the story that lies beneath the brand.

She’d love to collaborate with you to tell yours in ways that connects deep down with your customers and audiences.